The Simple Dollar and Soda Are Hiring

The Simple Dollar logoWhen Trent Hamm penned his first words on The Simple Dollar, he gave the world a unique window into one man’s struggle between his future self and his current reality.

He built an audience by becoming the authentic voice missing from many of our pursuits of an independent life. He gave meaning to control, purpose and choice. Consequently, Trent’s extraordinary journey became an inspiration for hundreds of thousands of us to get a hold on our finances, re-prioritize our values, and take back control so that we could live more meaningful and more fulfilled lives.

The Simple Dollar and Soda

For the last few years, The Simple Dollar has been owned by Soda, a young company focused on building human-centric media brands on the Internet. The Simple Dollar is joined by and Freshome which will give you a sense of the diversity of our passions. Soda is focused on building web experiences that help readers become the best version of themselves by connecting readers to best-in-class ideas, tools and products that will enhance readers’ lives.

I am excited to be part of The Simple Dollar’s journey, and honored to continue broadcasting the message and mission Trent started.

Our Vision for The Simple Dollar

Today, The Simple Dollar has a unique opportunity to stand as a larger symbol for the cultural movement toward a more independent lifestyle, and to support that movement through relating how our finances and lifestyles interact. By fostering a deeper connection between our choices in both areas, we will transform the discussion around what true wealth and success mean.

Imagine the impact of helping millions of people align their deepest values with their everyday choices. How will we do this? As a brand, we will:

  • explore the complexity between logic and emotion in our life choices
  • create new abilities to travel the path to independence, both personal and financial, together
  • enable a self-aware and integrative relationship with money
  • support people in times of risk and uncertainty
  • cultivate abundance by giving definition to “enough”

In the next 60 days, we will be launching an exciting new website and user experience on The Simple Dollar. We are investing in new content types, tools and community engagement concepts to support our readers. We are investing in people, and we need your help to build this vision.

Joining Our Team

If this vision resonates with you. If you are passionate about finances, lifestyle engineering, and making sense of an uncertain world. If you have a high velocity of learning, adaptability, craftsmanship and obsession; then we want you on our team.

We have a number of positions open at The Simple Dollar, and across Soda as a whole. Feel free to apply directly to any of the positions that look like a good fit for you.

In addition, there are a number of positions on our radar that may not be posted yet. Please email me directly (mgardon @ thesimpledollar . com) if you’re excited by this opportunity and think that you would be a good fit. A link to your LinkedIn profile, your resume, and a cover letter would be helpful. Also let me know why you’re interested and what you want to bring to our team.

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