The Simple Dollar Book 2: Electric Boogaloo

A while back, I mentioned some half-formed ideas about a book based on The Simple Dollar and, as you can see from the comments there, many readers thought it wasn’t the best idea. So I shelved it

I had a very serious nibble from a book publisher this past week who thought that my series, The Road to Financial Armageddon, would make a good title. She asked me to put together a proposal and I managed to just get that finished a short little while ago (yes, not only was I in the middle of a move, working a full time job, being a parent, and keeping the writing up for The Simple Dollar, but I also managed to crank out a solid book proposal in a week – thank you, caffeine!).

Here’s the deal. The book is proposed to be about 320 pages and it’s basically an expansion on the ten part Road to Financial Armageddon series (the title would probably be different). Basically, the material would be very similar – I would literally write a personal finance biography of my life (blurring a few details here and there for privacy reasons) and also include the applicable lessons I learned, much like that series. It would go substantially more in depth than that series, of course. The book would also include a twenty page or so compression of the best ideas from the 31 Days To Fix Your Finances series (this is just an idea we’ve bandied about that may or may not actually appear).

The question is does this idea appeal to you as a reader of The Simple Dollar? Would you actually be willing to pick this up in hardback or in trade paperback form? I would imagine the price would be comparable to most hardbacks and trade paperbacks.

I’m mostly using this, again, to judge interest in the idea. To me, it sounds far more palatable to a reading audience than my earlier book ideas, and this one actually has a good tug from a potential publisher.

Please, let me know what you think in the comments. As before, I’m quite happy if you don’t like the idea – feel free to say so – because if most readers think the idea is subpar, it’s probably really not worth my time investment, as readers of The Simple Dollar are really among the core people who would be interested in such a book and might buy it.

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