The Simple Dollar Is in Bookstores Today… And Here’s Some Free Bonuses for Buyers!

tsd bookMy new book, The Simple Dollar: How One Man Wiped Out His Debts and Achieved the Life of His Dreams, is now available in bookstores (I just saw it at a Barnes and Noble in the Des Moines, Iowa area and at the Borders in Ames, Iowa)! You can also buy it right now at or order it from Barnes and Noble.

I’ve already shared a big collection of reader stories from people who have already read the book and made positive changes in their lives because of it.

Now I want to add a little bit more value to those people who have already purchased the book – and those who are on the fence about it.

If you buy the book before July 14, I’ll give you all of the Simple Dollar downloadables… free.

You’ll get 31 Days to Fix Your Finances, The One Hour Project, Twenty Big Ideas, and Building a Better Blog all for free. Each one of them is like a small book, delivered electronically for you to print and do with what you please.

Even more, I’ll also send you my upcoming fifth downloadable, tentatively titled The Simple Dollar Cookbook, for free. Like the others, it’s an electronic book, but this one will include dozens of the best recipes from The Simple Dollar with pictures, formatted so that you can easily print out any individual recipe you wish from the book.

All you have to do is send a picture of your receipt from buying The Simple Dollar: How One Man Wiped Out His Debts and Achieved the Life of His Dreams to before July 14. If you bought it from a web retailer, just forward the email receipt they gave you (you can edit out personal info if you wish).

So, if you’ve already bought the book, just send along the receipt (if you’ve lost it, just take a picture of yourself holding the book and tell me where you purchased it). If you’ve not picked it up yet, now’s a good time to do so.

Once I’ve received all of the emails and checked them all, I’ll start sending out the e-books back to the address that sent me the receipt. (This may take a week or two, depending on how many people take me up on this offer.) When the cookbook is released, I’ll email that one separately (I’m hoping to finish it in September after the Summer Meal Series has finished).

This is mostly just a perk for loyal readers of The Simple Dollar who have picked up the book, too. You guys are awesome.

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