The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: New Laptop Edition

My old computer finally gave out on me, so it’s time to buy a new one. My wife has decreed that it shall be a “desktop replacement grade” laptop. This should be fun. On to the latest personal finance news…

Milton Friedman’s Last Act: End Marijuana Prohibition Ignoring any social discussion (not really my forte), I found it interesting that from a purely economic standpoint, marijuana prohibition is a bad thing. (@ rick sincere)

Interest Audit This is an interesting metric for evaluating the amount of your income going into interest each month. Many people, though, have much more than 11% of their income each month going into interest; that seems pretty normal to me, given the usual financial situation today (@ the 100 by 30 project)

Scary Signs Signs of the apocalypse, perhaps? What’s actually happening is that people who bought in during the housing boom in 2003 are now having their 3/1 ARMs come around to bite them and desperation/panic is setting in. This is a condition that’s going to continue for the next year or two. (@ blunt money)

Why Buying A Used Car Might Be An Excellent Idea Actually, this is an argument for buying a Rent-A-Wreck type, not a late model used car. It’s an interesting philosophy, but it runs the risk of getting a car that has some serious problems; buying a car with more than 100,000 miles on it is a gutsy proposition. (@ bean counter blog)

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