Updated on 09.15.09

The Simple Dollar Podcast #17: Investing in Stocks

Trent Hamm

The seventeenth episode of The Simple Dollar podcast deals with stock investing. How do I invest in stocks (for retirement and otherwise) and why? Total time – 6:50.

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Episode Notes
Here are some additional notes that go alongside the comments in the podcast. Approximate times for the corresponding links and notes are listed.

0:00 – The theme song is a snippet of a Camper van Beethoven concert on October 25, 1986, shared via their very open taping policy. Listen to the concert in its entirety.
1:12 – I’m not a financial expert.
2:01 – It’s vital to remember that we’re talking about long term goals.
3:21 – A detailed explanation of why index funds rock.
3:52 – I’m not alone in this perspective, either.
4:48 – The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing is essential reading on these topics.
6:01 – The organization I quickly mis-referred to as the “SIDC” here is actually the SIPC.

One thing I’d like to do in a future episode is have an audio reader’s mailbag. If you have a microphone on your computer and can record an MP3 of a simple, short question you might have on personal finance, careers, pop culture, or anything else you’d like me to answer, record it as an MP3 and send it to me. Keep the total recording under 15 seconds, please. Also, if you use Skype, feel free to ask your question that way – my username is trenttsd.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

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  1. MoneyEnergy says:

    ETFs would be perfect if you didn’t have to pay commissions each time you wanted to buy some. I own some ETFs, but for really cheap investing I just use DRPs for free. I like researching my stocks, though, so this works out for me.

  2. Thanks for the post. It is very timely post for me as I am just beginning to learn about investing.

  3. Daniel says:

    To me the most important thing by far is to get your costs down while investing.

    That means:
    1) avoiding high-fee mutual funds,
    2) never paying up-front or back-end sales loads (a common feature of broker-sold funds),
    3) sticking to index funds or low fee ETFs.
    4) not overtrading your investment account beyond an annual rebalancing.
    5) Using a reliable discount broker that charges low trading commissions.

    Keep the informative podcasts coming Trent!

    Casual Kitchen

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