The Simple Dollar Podcast #3 – Short Term Goals

The third episode of The Simple Dollar Podcast focuses on short-term goals. I talk about several of my own short-term goals and discuss some tactics anyone can apply to make their short term goals and projects a reality. Also discussed: C.S. Lewis, awful corporate motivational posters, Woodward and Bernstein, and which baseball announcer I sound the most like. Total time – 14:20.

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Episode Notes
Here are some additional notes that go alongside the comments in the podcast. Approximate times for the corresponding links and notes are listed.

0:00 – The theme song is a public domain recording of a Camper van Beethoven concert on October 25, 1986. Listen to the concert in its entirety.
0:16 – Some background reading on short term goals.
0:42 – Uh-oh, dry mouth setting in!
0:53 – Quick gulp of water!
1:11 – An excellent book on procrastination is The Now Habit by Neil Fiore.
1:21 – I can be an awful procrastinator.
1:57 – Here’s An overview of The Chronicles of Narnia.
2:14 – I thought The Magician’s Nephew was the best one in the series.
3:35 – Here’s that very non-motivational poster.
4:02 – And here’s a much better one, with a Lao Tzu quote.
4:22 – Some notes on Getting Things Done by David Allen.
5:42 – Here’s how to plan ahead for meals like I’m talking about.
9:39 – Here’s my notes on a Roth IRA and other retirement savings tools.
9:43 – … and here’s how to develop your own debt repayment plan.
10:19 – A nice guide for installing a programmable thermostat from Frugal Dad.
10:22 – Here’s the Department of Energy’s guide to air sealing your home.
11:35 – All the President’s Men is a great movie.
11:41 – … and so is The Natural.
11:55 – Do I sound more like Ernie Harwell, Vin Scully, or Harry Caray? Or Chip Caray? Or Bob Uecker?
12:30 – Evernote is great!
13:08 – Action Method is a pretty good way of keeping track of what you need to do next.
14:03 – A preview of next week’s topic, food.

One thing I’d like to do in a future episode is have an audio reader’s mailbag. If you have a microphone on your computer and can record an MP3 of a simple, short question you might have on personal finance, careers, pop culture, or anything else you’d like me to answer, record it as an MP3 and send it to me. Keep the total recording under 15 seconds, please.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

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