The Simple Dollar Podcast #8: My Top Personal Finance and Personal Development Book Picks

The eighth episode focuses on the ten personal finance and personal development books that made a difference during my personal, financial, and professional turnaround. Hopefully, some of these can help you in your own life. Total length: 20:24.

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Episode Notes
Here are some additional notes that go alongside the comments in the podcast. Approximate times for the corresponding links and notes are listed.

0:00 – The theme song is a snippet of a Camper van Beethoven concert on October 25, 1986, shared via their very open taping policy. Listen to the concert in its entirety.
0:30 – This pretty efficiently summarizes what, why, and how I read.
1:37 – Here’s my extremely detailed review of book #1.
2:31 – Some tips on finding your core values.
2:50 – Here’s my review of book #2.
3:31 – Some notes on this kind of intensity.
4:08 – Here’s my review of book #3.
4:31 – Seven big additional tactics along these same lines.
6:11 – Here’s my review of book #4.
8:38 – Here’s my review of book #5.
10:11 – Here’s my review of book #6.
12:08 – Here’s my review of book #7.
12:11 – I absolutely loved the opportunity I had to sit down and talk with Amy.
12:50 – One example – I found the flexible casserole recipe surprisingly useful.
13:39 – Here’s my review of book #8.
14:46 – Here’s my review of book #9.
17:15 – Here’s my review of book #10.
17:55 – Deliberate practice is key.
19:40 – Here’s that radio show, if you didn’t hear it.

One thing I’d like to do in a future episode is have an audio reader’s mailbag. If you have a microphone on your computer and can record an MP3 of a simple, short question you might have on personal finance, careers, pop culture, or anything else you’d like me to answer, record it as an MP3 and send it to me. Keep the total recording under 15 seconds, please. Also, if you use Skype, feel free to ask your question that way – my username is trenttsd.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

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