The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: 1,100 Notes Edition

Over the last year, I’ve been jotting down individual notes and thoughts that I’m intending to include in my next book. Now that the time has come to start putting this together, I sat down and finally did a thorough accounting of all of the notes. I made them all electronic (using Evernote heavily for this) and took a hard look at what I had.

1,100 notes, without any sort of structure at all.

What does it all mean? That’s what I’m really puzzling through right now. I definitely see some huge patterns in the notes, but what’s the big theme really tying all of these ideas together?

Lately, I’ve been taking long walks and puzzling through all of this. I’ll spend an hour reading through note after note after note, then I’ll get up, put on my shoes, and go walking/jogging for a while. Connections pop into my mind when I’m out there and by the time I’m back, I see things in a new light.

It’s coming together. The shapes are beginning to emerge.

Here are some interesting personal finance articles I found in the last week.

The Basics Behind a Budget that Works After reading tons of articles describing different versions of “a budget that works,” I’ve come to the conclusion that no budgeting technique really works for everyone. For me, a much simpler approach works well. (@ simple mom)

Things Wear Out I agree – the best value is an item that simply wears out. It’s worn, well-utilized, and useful until the very end. Like a good pair of shoes. (@ wise bread)

A New Era of Personal Finance The old advice isn’t working any more. (@ saving for serenity)

Why Pursue Financial Freedom? I think different people have different answers to this question. For example, my reason is simply so I can pursue some of my major life goals – writing a novel and having it published and well-promoted – without worrying about an income. (@ get rich slowly)

30 Days to a Better Man This is a set of truly great articles, but a better name for the series would probably be “30 Days to a Better Person” as most of these articles apply well to well-rounded women, too. (@ art of manliness)

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