The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: 3-D Snowflake Edition

As many of you know, I’m usually sitting here waiting when my children get off of the school bus each day. Many days, I try to have some sort of project or activity for them to do (admittedly, some “projects” are better than others).

One thing we’re going to do this week is one of my favorite homemade Christmas decorations – the 3D snowflake. Here’s a great guide for making one.

How do you achieve this with elementary-aged children? We focus very carefully on each step and make quite a few extra snowflake parts. That way, if one gets messed up (and it inevitably will), it’s no big deal.

These snowflakes turn out beautifully, but they do take a little while (much longer than the old single-sheet ones I made when I was young).

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