The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Aged Thirty Years Edition

This week’s roundup comes very close to my thirtieth birthday, which I’ll be celebrating this coming weekend. Considering this is something of a milestone birthday, I’ve been reflecting a bit on how much has changed during each decade of my life.

When I turned ten years old, I was in the midst of a summer vacation between my fourth and fifth grade years. I was particularly baseball obsessed that summer and I remember spending countless warm afternoons listening to Cubs baseball games on WGN AM 720.

When I turned twenty years old, I was doing a summer internship between my sophomore and junior years in college, where I spent my days sifting soil and some of my evenings doing technical support for scientific illustrators. I actually remember my birthday that year – it was pouring rain and I rode through the town I was staying in on a bicycle wearing a red poncho in the middle of that rainstorm, just enjoying all of it. This was very close to the time I made my biggest money mistake, actually.

Now? I’m married with two kids, own a house in a small town, and write for a living. When I was ten, I couldn’t have imagined what I would be doing when I was twenty. When I was twenty, I couldn’t have imagined what I would be doing when I was thirty.

What will I be doing when I am forty? It’s truly impossible to guess at this point. I think I’ll just let it come.

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