The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Airplane Reading Edition

I had two books set aside for airplane reading for a recent trip. It seemed like a good idea. Flying in an airplane is boring, right?

Try flying with three young children.

Very little reading happened.

How to Buy a Mattress A family member of mine once said that the only two things you shouldn’t skimp on are your mattress and your shoes. You rely on these things so much for comfort. (@ get rich slowly)

The Most Critical Hour of the Day The most critical hour of the day is the first hour of the day. If you nail that hour, you’ve set a great platform for success for your day. (@ pick the brain)

The Life Purpose Lie Does your life have real meaning before you find your one true purpose? Of course it does. (@ jonathan fields)

Cheap Sources for Board Games My only advice here is to be a little selective in the games that you choose. There are many games out there floating around, many with missing pieces, and many that aren’t as good as the marketing would have you think (like Monopoly). (@ pf advice)

How to Build a Square Foot Garden We are thinking of building one of these under a timered UV light in our basement. (@ frugal dad)

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