The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Alternating Nights Edition

Sarah and I take turns handling the bedtime routine of our three children. One of us will make sure the kids get their teeth brushed and take their vitamins, read them their bedtime stories, sing songs for them, then hang out near their bedroom to handle the inevitable post-bedtime requests.

The other parent essentially has free time. Sometimes, we just relax. Other times, we work on household tasks. Often, I write – in fact, I’m drafting this post while Sarah is handling the bedtime routine.

Finish What You Start I’m far more impressed by someone who does one thing and finishes it than the person who does ten things but never really finishes anything. (@ get rich slowly)

7 Mental Mistakes That Stop You From Living a Life of Freedom and Peace I think we all find ourselves slipping into these traps at some time or another. The key is minimizing, not eliminating. (@ dumb little man)

Shifting Expectations: How to Adapt to New Job Responsibilities My experience has been that the best way to handle shifting responsibilities is communication. If you’re not sure what you should be taking on and what should take priority, talk it over with your boss. Be open about it. (@ the 99 percent)

4 Things That Keep You From Your Goals For me, the biggest thing that holds me back is inertia – the pattern of established habits. If I can make myself break a routine and establish a new one, I usually find success. That’s the really hard part, though. (@ pick the brain)

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