The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Baby Food Edition

One of the big projects that I plan on tackling in the next few weeks is making individual baby food containers for my daughter by boiling up and pureeing various vegetables and fruits. My plan for this is to save her current baby food containers until we have a big pile of them, clean them all, then boil and puree some vegetables and a bit of water together and put a nice helping into each one. I’ll freeze them all, then move several at a time to the fridge to thaw and then feed to her.

We did this a bit with my son and it was a rousing success. Of course, at that time we had to use the tiny freezer on top of our fridge to store these and there wasn’t much room. Now we have a deep freezer which can hold a lot more little containers of pureed food.

Thought some of you frugal folks might find that interesting. Here are some other personal finance posts of interest.

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