The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Barefoot Edition

Most of the time, when I’m working at home, I’m barefoot. I don’t like wearing socks, even in the heart of winter.

During the summer, this isn’t a problem. If I want to go work outside, I just go outside barefoot.

This doesn’t quite work in the winter, of course, so I’ll often literally put on socks and shoes just to go outside. Then, when I come back in, as soon as I feel warm, off go the socks.

I have tried barefoot running, but I’ve found that on very hot days, my feet still get really, really hot. I have enough callouses on my feet that I don’t mind the road impact in the spring. Also, I can’t wear those extremely thin-soled shoes with individual toes because I broke a toe on my right foot when I was young and it healed at a bizarre angle, making those shoes pretty much impossible to wear.

I like being barefoot. It feels free.

Stop Talking. Start Doing. Most of the things we think of as “important” in a given day are really not all that important. They are urgent, though, so we often let them get in the way of the things that are genuinely important (that happen to not be urgent). For example, we read through piles of relatively unimportant email in the process of (@ jonathan fields)

The Daily Checklist I’ve started to adopt a daily checklist for some of the very basic things I want to make sure I get done each day. Nothing on that checklist takes very long, but each item moves me forward on something that I view as a personal priority. I’ve really found it handy. (@ zen habits)

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