The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Baseball Season Edition

Baseball has been a big part of my life since my earliest days. In fact, several of my earliest memories revolve around watching baseball with my family (I remember the Cubs in the playoffs in 1984 and watching the World Series with my ailing grandfather in 1985) and I remember playing catch quite often with my father and brothers and cousins when I was young.

For me, the start of a new baseball season is almost magical. Everything starts fresh, and I start off the season with a near-obsession with the game. I listen to games on the radio each day, follow it day in and day out, and even manage a pair of fantasy baseball teams.

Baseball is my sign that spring has truly arrived.

Who Cares About Where the Stock Market Is Headed? The point of steady, automatic investing over the long haul is that you don’t have to worry too much about where the stock market is headed, especially in the short term. (@ wisebread)

Where’s the Fun in Personal Finance? The real problem with the concept of fun is that everyone has different things that they identify as being “fun.” Here’s an example – I have lots of fun reading, but I know many people who find it dreadful. On the other hand, I find amusement parks dreadful, but many people find them to be a lot of fun. What’s fun for you may or may not be fun for me, and vice versa. It’s all about individual perspectives. (@ get rich slowly)

How to Give to Charity When You Don’t Have Money to Spare A little giving is better than no giving at all. (@ dumb little man)

Can You Afford a Baby? I think it’s impossible to answer this question without having one. Different people react very differently to having children. For me, for example, having children was the impetus to turning around my financial life. For others, children drag them straight into debt. (@ prime time money)

4 Habits for Saving Money on Routine Family Medical Care Excellent advice for those with limited health care. (@ frugal dad)

Getting Out of Debt Builds Character Any time you face down an adverse situation and conquer it, you become a stronger person. A debt load isn’t any different. (@ mrs. micah)

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