The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Big Groups Edition

My natural tendency when I’m in a big group is to clam up and avoid people. I often remember going to professional conventions in my previous career where I would just lock up and look for a way to avoid eye contact, often ending up back in my hotel room.

Over the years, I’ve mastered some ways to get past this. For me, the biggest one is to assume that most everyone else there is as nervous as I am and that I’m doing the right thing by conversing with them. I also recognized that the worst case result of greeting someone is really not any different than saying nothing at all.

Now, I find myself greeting and chatting with tons of people in large groups, and if I go to these group events regularly, I usually start building up relationships pretty quickly.

Discover More Time: Find an Hour Each Day I consider good time management skills to be absolutely vital to personal finance and professional success. If you can’t find any extra time in your life, you’re walking a very difficult tightrope. (@ women’s money week)

Single Income Household: The Best Kept Secret for Happiness I think the real key isn’t a single income household, but a partnership where both people consider each other equals and put all options on the table with the recognition that their equality won’t be harmed by the decision made. (@ the financial blogger)

Get Help with Medical Bills: Avoid the Medical Debt Monster This is some strong advice for anyone struggling with a big pile of medical bills. Medical debt can be a nightmare to escape from. (@ pt money)

What I Learned from My Old Jobs Every experience we have in life can teach us something very valuable. The real question is whether or not we pay attention to those experiences. (@ no credit needed)

What’s On Your List? Your list of excuses, that is. Why aren’t you chasing something big? If you don’t have time, then you might want to check the first link in this rundown. (@ seth godin)

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