The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Birthday Party Edition

My son’s third birthday party approaches and we decided to have a small party for him, inviting three of his friends to participate (so that there would be four of them and they could “pair up” in various permutations, not leaving any kids out).

We’ve already planned carefully for it. We elected to have a party in the morning before naptime, we’re going to make our own cake and have a simple lunch for the kids, and we’ll have him open presents first, since his “big” present is something he can play with with all of the kids. We’re not planning anything too organized, mostly because we’re talking about three year old kids.

I intend to just set up a camera on a tripod in the corner, taping the area where he’ll open presents, eat cake, and eat lunch, and I’ll probably move it when they go into the other room to play.

What’s fun about this is that we’ve realized that the party isn’t costing us much at all, but it’ll create great memories for our son. We’re making our own cake and meal, plus virtually all the entertainment is made up of things we already own.

Getting started early with the frugality, indeed.

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