The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Birthday Update Edition

A lot of people were curious as to what happened with my son’s birthday after his disastrous birthday party.

In short, he got over things pretty quickly and now seems to have largely forgotten about it. We basically didn’t mention it again after the day of the party and that seemed to work well in encouraging him to forget about it.

I read him quite a few of the kind messages many of you sent to him, which he enjoyed. He said a loud “THANK YOU!” to those who sent him messages. I attempted to get him saying “THANK YOU!” on a short video to put on YouTube, but he got shy and wouldn’t say anything.

In short, he got over the disappointment and recovered really, really well (in my opinion). In the end, he seemed far less disappointed than I would have had the same thing happened to me.

Anyway, here are a few personal finance links of note.

Will a Dental Discount Plan Save You Money? Most of the time, the answer seems to be “no,” especially if you have any sort of dental insurance coverage. It seems to mostly be a clever payment plan, actually. (@ wise bread)

Turn Frugal Behaviors Into A Game I find that, quite often, I learn things better when I turn them into some form of competition. That seems to be the basic idea here. (@ passive family income)

Saving Money by Mulching the Leaves My yard has almost no leaves at all in it – the wind picks them up and blows them right out of our yard. However, if your yard accumulates leaves easily, this can be a great weekend project – perhaps this weekend, since it’s a long one and the weather’s not too cold yet. (@ money beagle)

Money Is 100% Emotional This is a very bold title, but the author makes a good point. Personally, I think personal finance success comes when you realize how much emotion and psychology is wrapped up in your money choices. (@ the wisdom journal)

The Kindle Saves Space, But Can It Save You Money? I’ve heard lots of questions about the Kindle since my wife received one last Christmas. It has saved her quite a bit of money, since she’s been using it to read lots of classics and other public domain books. (@ unclutterer)

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