The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Book Deal Edition

Big news: I have a book deal.

I signed the papers last Friday and shipped them off to my publisher. The book project itself is just about perfect for what I want to do right now, particularly as a first book – very nice price point (it will have a price a bit lower than you might expect to make it accessible to all), a focus and a style that I’m very comfortable and happy with, and a publisher that’s really involved with the process and very interested in a follow-up book if this one gets finished well.

Right now, I have a chapter written and a very detailed (10-15 pages) outline of the remainder of the book, which is due in a strong first draft format on July 1. We’re both hoping to have the book on bookshelves well before Christmas, likely in October or November.

This means two things when it comes to The Simple Dollar. First, my cooking blog will have to be postponed a bit. I was basically ready to launch it on May 1, but this book deal (and another writing opportunity I hope to announce soon) means I have a pretty sharp deadline and I need to focus my writing energy on that.

Second, and perhaps more interesting, is that I’m seeding this site with “supplemental” articles that relate to the book itself (I’ve actually been doing this for a while). Basically, they’re expansions on particular ideas from the book – sort of like sidebars for specific ideas that deserve more depth but would derail the rather tight focus of the book. When the book nears publication, I’ll collect all of these into one giant collection of links so that readers can visit one URL and see all of the supplemental material.

Intrigued? I hope so. My plan is to announce the book in great detail at about the time it pops up for preorder on Amazon, and I’ll make a fairly big splash with it – it’ll be in conjunction with a slight redesign so that the book will be noticed by anyone who visits The Simple Dollar. I’ll also be making available some opportunities for signed copies, though I’ve not figured out quite how I’ll do that yet – I may work out an arrangement with a local bookstore to handle that mess.

If you’re curious… just be patient. The book, by all accounts, should be out by the end of the year.

Now, for some personal finance articles.

Is It Smart to Trade Time for Money? Only when you’re certain about the value of your time. Most people have little grasp on what the true value of their time is, something I talk about regularly on The Simple Dollar. (@ dumb little man)

Money Lessons Learned Through Square Foot Gardening We have a large garden ourselves and I often find myself deep in introspection while out in the garden. (@ frugal dad)

Teenager on a Budget This is a really interesting series about a mother attempting to teach her teenage son about budgeting, particularly food budgeting. The entry I’ve linked to is rather amusing. (@ debt free revolution)

You Paid $9.60 a Gallon for What? The embedded video is a bit over the top, but the point is right – bottled water is drastically overpriced for what you get compared to what you get out of the tap. (@ poorer than you)

Recession and the State of Our Economy: A Visual Primer This is an excellent visual guide on basic economics and the meaning of a recession. (@ the digerati life)

50 Tips to Help Establish Your Emergency Fund Excellent tips all around. (@ consumerism commentary)

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