The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Book Overload Edition

As many of you know, I use the online reservation system at my local library to get on the waitlist for new books as they come out. If I do this far in advance, I’ll be one of the first few people to get a new release from the library, which is pretty nice.

September and October, though, have seen so many new releases that I’ve truly been unable to keep up with them.

Nothing pains me more than returning an unfinished book.

When Is Your Financial Relaxation Due Date? In other words, when will you reach a point where you can feel relaxed about your financial state? For me, it’s when I have enough in the bank that I never have to work again. (@ get rich slowly)

Failure and Systems Lead to Success, Goals and Passion Lead to Failure I don’t think goals lead to failure at all, but if you don’t have a plan and an organized system in place for achieving that goal, you won’t make it. The plan is the important part of the goal. (@ consumerism commentary)

Financials of Real Estate Investment This is a walkthrough of the financials behind this person’s purchase of a rental property for investment purposes. This is something Sarah and I have considered doing. (@ free money finance)

Liking Healthy Foods Is a Choice Liking or disliking things that aren’t actively painful is always a choice. I just shrug my shoulders when people respond to a new activity by saying that they don’t like it immediately. (@ zen habits)

Understanding luxury goods This is very worthwhile reading that influenced my thinking about an upcoming post. (@ seth godin)

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