The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Bracketology Edition

A lot of people out there are busily filling out NCAA tournament brackets for their (friendly) office pools. I’m pretty obsessive about college basketball and thus I have my own secret industrial-strength methodology for my own bracket, but I usually offer some good advice to anyone who doesn’t know the first thing about the NCAA tournament and is trying to fill out a bracket to fit in. Here’s the game plan:

For the first two rounds, pick the higher seed every time. This will leave you with a Sweet Sixteen of nothing but 1, 2, 3, and 4 seeds.

For the rest of the tournament, pick the team with the most wins, regardless of seed.

For this year’s tournament, that would give you a title game of North Carolina versus Memphis, with Memphis winning it all.

While this probably won’t give you the winning bracket, it will give you a bracket that will do respectably well in any competition.

Another option, if you want to really research things, is to go through the bracket and write down how many of the team’s last fifteen games they won. You can get that easily at or another sports site. Then, pick your winner of every game based on that number, with the team with more wins in the last fifteen always coming out on top. If they have the same number, pick them based on overall wins. In fact, this is actually not too far off my own personal strategy.

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