The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Breakfast Edition

I try to eat breakfast each day, but I try to not eat it right when I get up. Instead, I wait until I actually feel hungry for it (mid-morning, around 9:30) and then eat a late lunch.

I’ve found this works really well for me. It actually results in me eating a smaller lunch than I otherwise would, but moving that lunch later results in no increase in my hunger at dinner time.

In other words, eating a breakfast but waiting until I’m actually hungry seems to significantly reduce my food intake for the day. Works for me!

Are You Able to be Happy for Friends and Family That are Wildly Successful? This is a subject I should deal with in its own post. Jealousy is a really difficult thing for both people involved. I’ve experienced both halves of the equation and I’ve learned that jealousy does nothing but ruin otherwise valuable relationships. For the most part, the people that have things that you’re jealous of either earned it or they’ll lose it soon enough, so why bother? (@ darwin’s money)

What Is a Life Calculator and Why Is It Important? A lifespan calculator is pretty useful for helping you calculate your approximate lifespan. For a lot of people, the answer can be a shock and perhaps a call to action. (@ christianpf)

Credit Cards: Will a Use Surcharge Change Your Habits? Some businesses charge less if you use cash instead of a credit card (because of the fee they’re charged when a customer uses a card). (@ funny about money)

Risk, fear, and worry These three things are rarely in balance, yet every time they’re out of balance it’s a negative in our lives. (@ seth godin)

How to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Memory Meditation really goes a long way to accomplish both of these things, at least for me. (@ pick the brain)

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