The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Catching Up Edition

I spent several hours yesterday just catching up on some of my favorite personal finance and personal growth blogs, bookmarking interesting posts and the like. These are (some) of my favorite articles that I found along the way.

Athletes Are Not Overpaid, Stop Whining About It I completely agree with this. Athletes are paid what the market will bear for them. Owners of professional sports teams choose to pay those huge salaries because they get a large net positive return out of those contracts. If someone were willing to pay you $10 million a year to play baseball, would you not sign? Also, if you could hire an agent for $1 million that could turn your contract into a $15 million a year contract, wouldn’t you hire that person? If you want to gripe about player salaries, don’t blame the players. Blame those who created the marketplace (the owners) and the people who support that marketplace with billions of dollars (the fans). (@ financial uproar)

Defining Quality Quality is worth paying more for, but what is quality? The real key is to figure out what traits you care about, judge just the quality of those traits, and largely ignore the rest. For example, when I’m buying a car, I care about reliability (1), fuel efficiency (2), and how my six-and-a-half foot frame will fit into the vehicle (3). iPod attachments? OnStar? Acceleration speed? The perfect color? I don’t really care, so I won’t pay for them. (@ seth godin)

How Much Do You Spend on Food? It depends a lot on what you choose to eat. If you eat nothing but the food on sale or what you can get with coupons, you can lower that number a lot. If you eat out a lot, or if you put restrictions on your food purchasing (organic produce, etc.), it’s going to cost more. (@ get rich slowly)

How do you move past a fear of regret when purging clutter? For me, I usually rely on the recognition that if I do end up regretting not having the item, I can re-purchase it if needed. Almost always, I never need that item again. (@ unclutterer)

How to Get Motivated Again When You’ve Lost Your Enthusiasm For me, I usually just go back to the core things that I loved about the thing in the first place. It’s easy to get off track (@ pick the brain)

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