The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Child Medical Issues Edition

At almost the exact same time, our youngest child got a large facial rash and our daughter got an extremely sore baby tooth. This led to medications. Doctor’s appointments. Worry.

Being a parent would be far easier if you could simply rely on perfect health from your children. Human lives are fragile, though.

I am thankful for the health that they do have.

How to Stop Buying Clothes You Never Wear I think this advice applies to anything that people buy without using. I’ve been guilty of doing this with books and games in the past. (@ get rich slowly)

Is Your Financial Situation Limiting Your Family’s Size? The question of whether someone is financially “ready” to have children (or to have more children) is a life-altering one. This article deals with that question maturely and effectively. (@ money ning)

They’re Your Words. Choose Them. There are many, many ways to deliver the message you want to convey. You can convey the same message in a way that’s hurtful and in another way that’s empowering. Why not choose the empowering path? (@ seth godin)

Two Invalid Criticisms of David Bach’s Latte Factor The “latte factor” refers to the idea that if you don’t spend the money on a latte every day and instead put it toward something else in your life, you can achieve great things. A $5 daily latte, redirected toward your mortgage, can shave years off of your debt. It’s an idea that’s solid, but open to criticism – some of it fair, some of it not so fair. (@ consumerism commentary)

Money Toolbox An old friend of mine, JD Roth from Get Rich Slowly, has put a ton of work into producing this online personal finance guide. If you want the “meat” of a good personal finance blog, all in one place, that’s what this e-book provides. I’ve read it already and it’s quite good at organizing most of the good personal finance advice you’d find at Get Rich Slowly into one guide.