The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Christmas and Solstice Edition

It’s pretty well known that scholars are uncertain as to the actual birth date of Jesus thanks to different calendar systems and poor record-keeping and that December 25 was chosen as the date. I’m really thankful for that.

This time of the year, in the northern hemisphere, days grow very short and quite grey. It’s easy to get the winter blues. Because of the many little errands that fill this season, though, we all keep busy, which is the best antidote there is to the winter blues. The Christmas season rings out like a candle in the dark, since the shortest day of the year is December 21.

After Christmas, the days progressively get longer, a trend that lasts for several months.

For me, at least, the holiday season makes the chill of winter go by much easier than it would otherwise.

Pay Off Your Mortgage or Save Your Money? While this post is short, it did remind me how the answer to questions like this varies a lot depending on your life situation. The real question to ask yourself if you’re thinking of buying a home is whether or not it’s financially feasible to start tying up so much of your money in your home. (@ dinks finance)

Beat Holiday Stress with a “Holidate” Sarah and I have a “holidate” lined up in the future. It’s a great way to de-stress from the rush of the holiday season. Thankfully, dates don’t have to be expensive. Retail therapy is not a good way to deal with stress, as it often makes things worse over the long run. (@ behind the blue)

Money Lessons from the Grinch, Scrooge, and Buddy the Elf The underlying messages of many of the holiday movies and specials are actually really good ones. (@ get rich slowly)

On the Hook This little article does a great job of explaining the value of having a mentor. (@ seth godin)

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