The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Christmas Cards Edition

My wife and I traditionally send out about sixty Christmas cards each year via the postal service. As has been the case the past few years, these cards include a family picture and a note about how things are going with our family.

As I packaged up the cards this year, I couldn’t help but wonder what this experience will be like in fifteen years. Will we still be sending these cards on paper, or will the greetings be sent electronically? Will e-paper have evolved to the point that one can effectively send short home movies in paper-thin form for just pennies?

Part of me hopes that this old-fashioned exchange of cards never really changes. I love sending them out to people and I still love receiving them, particularly ones that include a picture of the family as part of the package. Even in the age of all of the electronic goodies out there, it still makes me feel close to the sender. I guess I’m sentimental.

Anyway, here are some good articles from the past week.

33 Ways to Earn Extra Money This is an excellent list of ways to put extra coin in your pocket – most of these are quite simple, too. (@ five cent nickel)

What to Do If You’re Unable to Afford Home Heating Bills Distressingly, I heard from two readers this week who were in this boat. They were making choices between food and heating. Hopefully, this article will help. (@ frugal dad)

12 Steps to a Prosperous New Year This is an excellent list of year-end tips. (@ being frugal)

My Debt Poem: A Law Student’s Lament I can’t help it – I’m a sucker for bloggers who get creative and try something way outside the box. (@ art of the coupon)

The College Student Debt Machine: A National Disgrace This is a great argument that colleges and universities are at least somewhat culpable in creating the enormous debt load that many college students build up during their studies. (@ tough money love)

Embracing the Thrift-Store Ethic: 18 Top Tips for Buying Used Clothes Thrift stores and secondhand shops are great places to pick up all kinds of things – clothes are just the beginning. Quite often, their sports equipment is in really good shape, brought there by people who have scarcely used it, for example. (@ get rich slowly)

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