The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: College Football Edition

I’m apparently one of a tiny handful of college football fans out there that actually thinks the BCS system works well. Almost every year, it does a very good job of identifying the two best teams in the country to play in a championship game where things are decided on the field, as it should be. Oklahoma and Florida are the two teams that should be playing each other for the national title – and lo and behold, there they are.

Ideally, college football wouldn’t be the gigantic money rush that it has grown into, but that’s a Pandora that will never be pushed back into the box. At least with the current BCS system, we get a sensible national title game almost every year and a lot of good games during bowl week, which happens to coincide directly with winter break for most universities, meaning that the scheduled games don’t interfere with classes.

And that, to me, is the best conclusion from a bad situation.

The Best Ways to Benefit During Your Open Enrollment Period At my old job, November and December used to mean open enrollment for many of my benefits. This is a great little collection of tips for handling that period successfully. (@ dumb little man)

Budgeting for Next Year On the other hand, if you’re self-employed (as I am), it can be useful to budget carefully for the upcoming year. I’m lucky in that our spending is very low, meaning that we’ve come in “below budget” almost every time since switching to freelancing work. (@ freelance switch)

In Praise of the Adult Allowance I think this is a strong technique for people who are trying to get control over their impulsive spending – at the very least, this gets a cap on things. (@ get rich slowly)

Most Likely to Succeed This is an excellent article about the difficulty in identifying raw talent that can be developed into success. For me, there was food for thought for both people seeking jobs and people doing hiring, too. (@ the new yorker)

10 Steps to Escaping the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle Excellent, excellent tips. NCN tends to be a bit hard on credit usage, but it’s a great philosophy to use when you’re getting your money balance back. (@ no credit needed)

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