Updated on 12.10.08

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: College Football Edition

Trent Hamm

I’m apparently one of a tiny handful of college football fans out there that actually thinks the BCS system works well. Almost every year, it does a very good job of identifying the two best teams in the country to play in a championship game where things are decided on the field, as it should be. Oklahoma and Florida are the two teams that should be playing each other for the national title – and lo and behold, there they are.

Ideally, college football wouldn’t be the gigantic money rush that it has grown into, but that’s a Pandora that will never be pushed back into the box. At least with the current BCS system, we get a sensible national title game almost every year and a lot of good games during bowl week, which happens to coincide directly with winter break for most universities, meaning that the scheduled games don’t interfere with classes.

And that, to me, is the best conclusion from a bad situation.

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  1. stephen says:

    While I tend to agree with you about the BCS, I wished that they would not decide the NC game until after the bowl games. This would thin out some of the teams that have a legitimate right to complain that they are not in the championship game.

  2. billy bob pandora says:

    Pandora wasn’t *in* the box, she opened it.

  3. Charles says:

    I think you’re oversimplifying the BCS argument. I’m not wholly for a playoff (I prefer the plus-one format so as to retain the importance of the regular season), but stating that Oklahoma and Florida “are the two teams that should be playing each other for the national title” is not a perfectly clear statement. Texas, like Oklahoma, has only one loss while playing in the Big 12, and UT beat OU at a neutral site. I don’t think that there is a “right” answer to the question of whether Oklahoma or Texas should be playing in Miami this January. I’m not a fan of any of those teams, but I don’t know that one can argue that the BCS provided a perfect solution this year.

  4. Brandon says:

    Texas beat OU, they should play Florida. At the end of the year you’ll have USC, Texas, OU/FLA, Bama all sitting there with one loss. How can you say that the winner of the OU/FLA game is better than the other one loss teams from major conferences?

  5. eden says:

    “scheduled games don’t interfere with classes” – ha ha ha. Yes they do. Not all universities have a huge winter break – we were back in class on the 2nd of January – and I went to a Div 1 school.

    Of course you’re conveniently ignoring all the classes they miss for regular season games.

    And why all the concern about football players not missing classes for a playoff system? Nobody seems to care about basketball, hockey, lacross, etc. players.

  6. Chris says:

    The BCS isn’t going away anytime soon, and the more people that realize that, the better. There’s too much entrenched power, both in the bowl system and the NCAA, that is dedicated against any kind of playoff system in the foreseeable future.

    Note that I said “foreseeable future”. Because I do think that a playoff will eventually come. Why? Well, several reasons.

    First, more and more coaches are coming out publicly for some kind of 4 to 8 team playoff. That in itself creates a lot of momentum in favor of it. Second, the people against it today (the aforementioned “entrenched power”) were brought up with the old system. They’re dedicated to the traditions of it. But they won’t be around forever, and the young people looking at the system today and going “I’d rather have a playoff” will be the ones running the show in 20 to 30 years. They’re going to be less beholden to those traditions that today’s movers and shakers are. And third, the potential $$$ for it will eventually be too much to ignore. A college football playoff has the potential RIGHT NOW to be bigger than any other postseason event in the country, college OR the pro, of any sport. The money to be made will eventually dwarf everything else out there.

    So yeah, I firmly believe that a playoff is coming. Just not until probably the 2025 or 2030 time frame.

  7. I’m with Brandon on this one – Texas should be there, not OU.

    What the BCS really needs is full disclosure of human voting and/or eliminating the coaches poll, they shouldn’t be voting in a poll when they have a stake in the outcome.

    Hook ’em.

  8. Seth says:

    I agree with Brandon. And the “we don’t want the athletes to miss class” argument is ludicrous. All other divisions of college football have a playoff, and somehow they’re able to do it.

    You’re right about one thing, it’s all about the money.

  9. Andy says:

    I’m with the other commentors, maybe it should be be Oklahoma and Florida, but the statement that it is a sure thing Oklahoma and Florida are the two best teams in the nation is ridiculous.

    I don’t want actually want a playoff – I love that the regular season means everything and a playoff champion just crowns a champion that has played the best over the last three weeks. Now I think there is more viability to a playoff champion than a BCS one, but a playoff is certainly not the end of the discussion for most legitimate champion.

    What I would like to see is either a return to the previous bowl system with Mythical Nation Champion(s), or have the BCS get rid of its national championship game so it is back at 4 games, then do its matchups the same way as it does now, but NOT crown a “BCS National Champion.” So we will still get a 1vs2 matchup, but the national champion(s) is still decided by voters. (And not that voters are any more logical, but you get the picture.) It is essentially the old bowl system with a 1v2 match up. It is the idea that the BCS crowns an Undisputed BCS Ultimate National Champion that I have a problem with.

  10. Frugal Dad says:

    As an Auburn fan I don’t agree that the BCS usually gets it right (I haven’t forgotten 2004). Still, it is better than leaving it up to sportswriters to vote their regional biases for crowning a national champ.

    Ideally, I’d like to see an eight-team playoff using six existing BCS bowls plus a national championship game. Seems easy enough to me: 1 plays 8, 2 plays 7, 3 plays 6 and 4 plays 5. Winners play each other in a final four and then take two weeks for national championship game (instead of the month with no football for the top four teams we get now).

  11. Chris says:

    The Texas-OU head to head argument doesn’t necessarily hold water. Should Ole Miss be playing for the NC since they beat UF?

    It was a three way tie in the Big 12 South, making any head-to-head arguments is ignoring the rest of the facts.

    Oklahoma had a MUCH better SOS than Texas, and have 6 wins over the Sagarin top 30. No one else has more than 4. Texas’s OOC schedule was an absolute joke, while OU played TCU (2nd in MWC with only losses to undefeated Utah and OU) and Cincy (Big East Champ).

  12. SteveJ says:

    Must resist BCS conversation…..AGH

    Every year I look at BCS as a logic problem. Here’s my conclusions from this year:

    1) Record doesn’t matter, neither of the undefeated teams are in the championship

    2) Head-to-head doesn’t matter, if you take Texas over Oklahoma you have to take Tech over Texas and Oklahoma over Tech. And if it did matter we’d have a tournament, or treat the season as one, meaning all three of those teams are out.

    3) Conference championships sorta matter, but only if they’re convenient. In the case of the Big 12 they made it circular, with conference championship depending on BCS which depends on conference championship. Of course conference championships don’t matter if it’s inconvenient, ala Utah.

    4) In the end, the driving force is media attention. The media loves Tim Tebow, he’d have to throw more than 8 interceptions in Jan to avoid winning the Heisman this year. Oklahoma was picked by the “experts” to be good (preseason #4) and they blew out all but one team, so they’re in. Inertia wins.

    5) Actually it could be said that the 2 most athletic teams from big name schools are in the game every year. Is Oklahoma a better TEAM than Texas, Utah, Boise State? Probably not. Do they have better athletes? Absolutely.

    If the goal of the system is to put together the best game possible, then yes, I’d say it works. Texas-Florida doesn’t seem like a noticeable improvement over Oklahoma-Florida. If the goal is to determine a champion, I can’t say the new system is any better, because we still don’t have a clear cut champion in most people’s minds. If Texas beats the snot out of OSU then they’re going to feel snubbed regardless if Oklahoma or Florida wins. And clearly all 3 teams have lost to someone so they can’t really say they’re better than Utah or Boise State (100% always beats 93%). And that “conference quality” stuff is a myth, SEC has 4 ranked teams, MWC has 3.

  13. KC says:

    Texas lost to Texas Tech and Oklahoma creamed TT. Texas squeaked buy Oklahoma. Oklahoma will beat Florida and be crowned Nat’l Champion. Texas can’t beat Florida.

  14. Tyler says:

    You must not cheer for a team that plays in a non-bcs conference, eh? Why are 60 teams immediately removed from contention for the National Championship before the season even started? Take Utah for example. The have beaten 2 top 15 teams, their conference went 6-1 vs. the PAC-10 and yet, there is no chance for them to play for a national title. What more can they do? That doesn’t sound very fair to me…

  15. Andy says:

    @KC: I think it is more accurate to say Texas Tech “squeaked by” Texas while Oklahoma “lost” to Texas. It doesn’t seem quite fair to call a win on a last second play a normal win if you call a 10 point win “squeaking by”. Also, just because you say Texas can’t beat Florida doesn’t make it true.

    There will always be an issue when you have three one loss teams that all lost to each other like Oklahoma, Texas, and TT. My problem isn’t even Oklahoma being selected the best (though I would have picked Texas), but rather people claiming it is definitive that Oklahoma is the best and deserves the BCS title game.

  16. Jonathan says:

    Utah? C’mon. Mountain West conference? You’re right they are undefeated, but so was Hawaii last year I think. Should they have played for National title? Sure UT went 6-1 in their conference, but who’s in the MWC? BYU? TCU? UNLV? Sorry, MWC teams just doesn’t hold much weight when you’re talking about victories over them. I think Bama is going to destroy Utah, but we’ll see. I would’ve rather seen Bama/TX or Bama/OK.

    PAC10 and Big 10 really tick me off. IMO they get an unfair advantage b/c they don’t have Conference Championships. IF we have to stick with the BCS system, every conference should be forced to play a championship.

    And do scores of head to head games matter? So what OK creamed TT and TT beat Texas. The fact is OK and and TX were the #2 and #3. Therefore, the head to head winner should go to BCS game. A win is a win, doesn’t matter what the score is.

  17. dgreen says:

    Only college football fans that agree with BCS are either the kind of fans that dabble in college football not the die hards that live by it or they are fans of those teams that have gotten the benefit of the BCS such as OU this year. Texas is getting jobbed this year but that’s nothing compared to Auburn in 04! How does a team from a major conference go undefeated and not at least have a SHOT at the national championship? The BCS simply doesn’t work to determine the champion. The BCS has a few advantages but it doesn’t determine a true champion.

    KC is the perfect example of the fan that agrees with the BCS. He feels that because OU creamed a team that Texas lost to should justify OU going instead of Texas ….. KC sites examples of results on the field but TOTALLY ignores that OU got beat straight up on a nuetral field by Texas! It’s just crazy that OU would go based on fact they beat a common opponent when they LOST vs Texas. And I’m not a Texas fan at all but the BCS is just crazy.

    We need a playoff of some sort. Even if it’s only 4 teams.

  18. Sean says:

    Trent, rarely do I disagree with you so completely!

    The BCS selects the two teams with the best resumes, not the two best teams. Sometimes those coincide, as happened a few years back with that awesome Texas-USC matchup. But more often you get one or more teams that might actually be the best left out in the cold. Texas and USC this year (funny enough), Auburn ’04, Oregon ’01, Washington and Miami ’00. The list goes on. And of course, I doubt anyone now believes that Ohio State was one of the two best teams in the country the last two years.

    Although I do hope they don’t change the system before Cal makes the Rose Bowl.

  19. Gordon says:

    The only reason there is an argument for OU is that they beat up on teams at the end of the year Texas Tech Style. Most of OUs points came in the fourth quarter…UT usually pulled pack the guns by the end of the fourth quarter in those games and allowed some sort of mercy. The only person that would have said OU was more dominate in the first three quarters would have been someone that only read the box scores.

    Stoops did play the politics better than Brown and used the media to make his case. Still, when it comes down to it, UT beat both teams in the Big 12 Championship Game. Do I think UT’s case was decisive over OU’s…no. Which is why there should be a playoff. BCS does not do its job.

    Consider these examples. Auburn being left out the year USC pummeled OU. Or how about last year when LSU slipped in and several other one loss teams were still available.

    Even the lower division…the non money making division has a playoff. It doesn’t seem to hurt those school’s student athletes. You know, the athletes that really are students.

    Of course it would help if the teams that were playing for the title were required to play teams from other BCS conferences in all but one (maybe the first game) of their non-conference games.

  20. Lisa says:

    Sure is a lot of passion about college football!!

    …Lisa….a sports fan in Canada who doesn’t really get into college football. I will watch bowl games but I can take it or leave it.

  21. Wow, everyone on this board is missing a giant point – that there are 7 one-loss teams this year: Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama, Penn State, and USC.

    I am a fan of 2 of the teams up there (not FL or OU), and I think I’m the only one in my group of fan friends who doesn’t hate the BCS. The anti-BCS whining is coming from people who wish their team was in the MNC. I say to that – win your games! Your WHOLE SEASON is the playoff. USC lost to Oregon State, Penn State lost to Iowa, Florida lost to Ole Miss (probably the worst loss of the lot!), Texas , TT, and Oklahoma have their threesome, and Alabama lost to Florida, which is probably the best loss. Many of the losses were to teams that should have been easy to beat.

    Boise State and Utah are undefeated, but they’re not BCS so I say get over it. You know that going in. There is a reason, so forget your bias & acknowledge that you’re not playing at the same level as the other teams. Sorry.

    OU is in because of media bias. They had giant, blowout wins at the end of the season and got everyone talking. Of course the media gets it wrong – remember how good the SEC was supposed to be? And they’re kind of mediocre this year.

    So Trent, I agree with you, although not for the reason you state. It sounds nice, to let the kids go to class, but basketball does it. The bigwigs don’t care about the kids, they care about the money.

  22. Mitch says:

    I played D-3 football in college, and I see no reason the system we had shouldn’t work for D-1. In D-3, the regular season is 11 weeks (ten games, one bye). Playoff selections are made the Sunday after the last regular season game. The champions of upper-echelon conferences receive automatic bids. The remaining spots are filled by at-large candidates (chosen by a panel)–champions of less prestigious conferences or runners-up in automatic bid conferences. 32 teams (out of 300 some) enter, with one round played each Saturday for 5 weeks. The championship game is usually played around December 20. Athletes’ schedules are basically the same during the playoffs as the rest of the season, except that the games are farther away and require a little extra travel time. Once the championship game has been played, the season is over. Athletes can go home and enjoy break just like everyone else.

  23. SteveJ says:

    @paranoidasteroid ” Boise State and Utah are undefeated, but they’re not BCS so I say get over it. You know that going in. There is a reason, so forget your bias & acknowledge that you’re not playing at the same level as the other teams. Sorry.”

    How do we know? Who decided the BCS conferences…oh, right the BCS conferences did. What’s the point of having and winning your conference if they don’t matter in the end? It’s certainly not Boise’s fault that the Big 12 or PAC 10 doesn’t invite them in. The contending schools stay far away from Boise State when they look at scheduling out of conference. Let’s book Appalachian State instead.(Oops) It’s ridiculous that the NCAA set standards (these 119 schools are big enough to be 1-A) yet the cool schools decide amongst themselves who is in or out. Fewer eligible schools means bigger slices of the pie. Coaches like Mack Brown know a playoff is trouble, how does a coach making too money with far greater resources explain losing to a MAC school?

    I agree it’s ridiculous to pretend like anyone cares about football players as students. If universities cared they would work with the NFL to enforce some sort of “Gotta get a degree” program. You sign up for four years and graduate or don’t come at all. They’d also stop allowing players to major in university studies or other such nonsense. It’s sad too, because in the non money sports, the student athletes are tremendously impressive people that can do amazing athletic things and still find time for grades. Oh and then they go get real jobs instead of ending up screwed because they got injured and cut and don’t have any kind of education (grade inflation starts pretty early for superstars).

    @Mitch – Yep, how do they do it :) Those poor players!

    Ok, I’m done, I’m done, don’t take my posting privileges away…:( It’s sad I let this get me riled up, my team will never compete for a title.

  24. astrofan says:

    “Boise State and Utah are undefeated, but they’re not BCS so I say get over it. You know that going in. There is a reason, so forget your bias & acknowledge that you’re not playing at the same level as the other teams. Sorry.” — paranoidasteroid

    What is that reason? Because the Big East and ACC teams are so much better than MWC and WAC teams that their champions deserve automatic bids? Did I read that right that 9-4 Virginia Tech gets an automatic bid but 12-0 Boise State gets left out? I don’t think the “mid-majors” necessarily deserve automatic bids for their champions, but why should anything be automatic? Any given year the voters and computres can judge the strength of the conferences and rank the champions and other good teams accordingly.

    Or how about Notre Dame getting a share of the BCS money ($1 million/year) even if they don’t qualify for the BCS?


    But the BCS is a (monopoly) business and supposedly has the right to do what is best for its bottom line.

  25. Andy says:

    @SteveJ: What would a “Gotta get a degree” program do? Prevent people from entering the NFL early and earning millions, and risking those millions of dollars so they can get a college degree? The people that enter early (with a couple exceptions) are the ones that make big bucks. Forcing them to stay only risks the money that they have earned.

    Also, athletes are guaranteed (I’m not sure if it’s in writing, but I’ve never heard of a coach revoking a scholarship) 4 years at the school. If a kid gets injured, he is kept on scholarship and allowed to finish his/her degree.

    So the way it works at the big times schools is that college football acts as a minor league for kids who go to the NFL, and for kids who don’t, they get a college degree that many otherwise would not have had a chance to get. The problem isn’t college football.

  26. SteveJ says:


    Oh yeah they can strip scholarships. Happens pretty often to guys who “aren’t good enough” They only put out press releases when it’s for a violation. Sometimes they’ll give you a job as a “graduate assistant” as compensation. Here’s a news story from when Spurrier went to South Carolina:


    I only know a couple dozen former D1-A players but their experience was like this. Mr Hot Shot is top dog in his region in high school. He gets recruited heavily. He has two basic options – second or third fiddle at a big school or start as a freshman in a smaller one. He makes his choice, doesn’t really matter. Before he takes a single snap in college – ADs make some sort of lip service about classes and tutoring, but the tutors are handing out the answers and the profs don’t care. Coaches are telling him to live and breathe football. All his buddies, family etc tell him he’s great, a shoe-in for the NFL. Some alumni and “scouts” and “agents” tell him how high he’s gonna get drafted. Now keep in mind, this seems to happen regardless if the guy is a real top-10 prospect or a top-1000 prospect. So he’s already thinking he’s got millions lined up. Who cares about intro to psychology? The player is being lied to by everyone he talks to. No one says, pay attention while you’re here it might be useful, they’re all saying put all your effort into football, that’s all that matters. So yeah, the lucky guys I don’t know get drafted and cash in. Other guys get drafted in the 7th round and get cut from the practice team. Still others figure out they aren’t going to make it and have wasted years of that free scholarship opportunity. Now even if they want to do right they usually give up, how are you going to earn a BBA in one year when you’ve taken Music Appreciation for 6 semesters? I’m not saying these guys are blameless, but to say college football isn’t a problem is crazy.

  27. KG says:

    @paranoidasteroid ” Boise State and Utah are undefeated, but they’re not BCS so I say get over it. You know that going in. There is a reason, so forget your bias & acknowledge that you’re not playing at the same level as the other teams. Sorry”

    Trent I usually agree with everything you write, but I have to disagree with you and some of your supporters on this issue. The BCS system is nothign more than a way for the “upper tier” programs to maintain their “dominance” over the lesser have’s. I am an East Carolina Grad and when I was in school we consistently played “upper tier” talent as an independent, much like Notre Dame. We beat U of Miami after our Hurricane Floyd devestated our campus in a game many remember, but most forget that three years earlier we had beat them 31 to 6 at their stadium. We played Syracuse, WVU, Univ of SC, NC State, VT, and other “big name” schools, and our tradition of anywhere-anytime continues to this day. This year while LSU, Ohio State, and Texas were playing D-1AA schools we were having to play top 25 teams week after week just to offset the fact that we are not included in the BCS cartel. But the sad truth is that for winning our non BCS conference we will get less money for facilities and perks than a school like Duke that is traditionally horrible in football but just happens to be in a BCS conference. Over the course of a few years the distance between the have’s and the have not’s will increase exponentially and even schools like ECU, Boise State, Fresno State, and Utah that have shown that they can compete with the “upper crust” BCS teams will have to face facts that the system is not set up fairly and that the status quo is hard at work to maintain itself.

  28. Mike Sty says:

    Let’s Go Hokies! Let’s … finally win the Orange bowl.

  29. Anitra says:

    A few other points…Texas beat Oklahoma on a neutral field. OU beat Texas Tech in Norman. Texas Tech beat Texas in Lubbock.

    A few years ago Boise St. beat Oklahoma in a Bowl Game…a guy by the name of Ian Johnson, running back I think, had something to do with…as did a statue of liberty play. It was amazing. I would have thought that they proved themselves as a program and when going undefeated this season, could have gotten in but I am not sure what kind of crowd a Utah/Boise State national championship would bring (although I seem to remember that Boise St. travelled well). Also, no big schools want to play Boise St (especially on the blue turf) so beating a big team in the regular season does’t seem to be an option even if Boise is up for it.

    Also, Notre Dame isn’t part of a BCS conference but if they had gone undefeated (I know, they are a few years or more away from that) could they have gotten into the National Championship game? The automatic bids are a crock.

    I am glad that my team is in a division where there is a playoff…in fact they are playing this weekend…1-AA baby…oh wait it’s call the “championship subdivision” now. Go JMU!

    I don’t have a BCS solution…just adding fuel for the fire.

  30. Nadia P says:

    All I have to say is it doesn’t matter who plays Florida… they’re Gator Bait!

    GO GATORS :)

  31. Chris says:

    The BCS is wrong, but a playoff is bad on two main levels.

    Academically and economically.

    Academically it’s unfair for 8 schools to be forced tot ake more time away from academics solely for athletic gain. (you can argue the same for other sports, but they have their tradition and they’ve made it work)

    The second is economically… the economics of the NFL.

    Not that they have a say in it, but why would the NFL want the best player sin college to have another 2-3 games a year of wear and tear on their bodies before they come to the big leagues. Heck does it potentially hurt the draft standings of the elite teams players because they played those extra highly competitive games?

  32. Mitch says:


    Read my above description of D-3’s system (similar to D-2 and 1-AA). Problem solved on both accounts (although your second argument is pretty far-fetched in the first place).

  33. Reid Fischer says:

    I think any system that doesn’t completely solve the issue on the field is worthless. The current system a) rewards a team for losing earlier in the season b) rewards teams for picking up their play at the end, when it should really be about the entire body of work and c) completely excludes teams such as Utah, which is automatically ineligible for the national title even though they have wins against Michigan, Oregon State, TCU and BYU.

    I have to completely disagree that the system has worked more often than not. This year is a prime example because you have a sizable number of one loss teams that are equally deserving as Oklahoma, and in Texas’ case more so because they won head-to-head on a neutral field. I also argue that Utah deserves a shot being that they are a major conference team that is undefeated. I bring up 2004, when Auburn finished undefeated and got no shot. I also bring up 2001, when Nebraska had no business being anywhere near the title game. The BCS is a complete farce in every way and the ONLY way to settle a championship the right way is via a playoff.

    On my site I offer a 16-team playoff proposal that incorporates the current bowl games.


  34. Rich says:

    TRENT PLEASE STICK TO THE SIMPLE DOLLAR!! This post really left a bad taste in my mouth, and wrong in so many ways.

  35. Sharon says:

    Trent, While I don’t love the BCS, I’m one of the few that is NOT in favor of a playoff system. I love college football and bowl season and as far as I’m concerned we could even go back to the “old days” before the BCS!!

    FWIW I think whatever playoff off system was chosen there would still be more arguments – how many teams 8 or 16? How would they be chosen? Then I think regular season non-league games would be even LESS competitive. Because you certainly wouldn’t want to play a team you might play in the playoffs (because it’s very hard in competitive college football to beat a team twice) Not to mention that you’ve actually eliminated GOOD New Year’s bowl games.

    I know I am in the minority (I didn’t even read all the posts to Trent) but I am glad to know I’m not the only one who is OKAY with the current system!!

  36. anon says:

    uh, why is college football even important? Sure, it’s a diversion from the doom and gloom of the economy.
    But people seem very passionate about it.
    Since I left the US eight years ago – coincidence to the change of presidential administrations – I have not missed this drivel about American sports.
    Why not find something of your own to be passionate about, rather than living vicariously through others who often only barely make their way through school on their own? Find your own thing and do that.

  37. Sarah says:

    @anon: Yes, how dare people enjoy things in life? We shouldn’t be reading books, we should be writing our own! We shoudn’t watch TV or films, we should indulge our fantasies and create melodrama in our lives everyday!

    FYI, other countries have sports & are pretty passionate about them. Ever been to a soccer game in England?

    Just because sports aren’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean that everyone who likes them is stupid. At their best, games are battles of strategy, skill, and athleticism. It’s why the Greeks had the Olympics, and they’re responsible for a lot of discoveries in math & science.

    @ KG, Astrofan:
    I don’t buy into conspiracy theories, sorry. If Boise State went up against USC or Ohio State, they would lose. You can complain about the good teams not wanting to schedule Boise State or Utah, but if they did, you guys wouldn’t be undefeated anymore. That is a fact.

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