The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Condolences Edition

A few days ago, one of my favorite podcasters (Tom Vasel, from The Dice Tower) lost his infant son to an E. coli infection. Having an infant son myself, I can’t imagine the pain of that type of experience. My condolences go out to him and his family. There’s already a wonderful video tribute out there.

What I Learned During the Year of Penury Penury is a five dollar word for intense poverty. Essentially, this person is telling how they survived a year without employment. It’s a good tale with some good ideas in it. (@ funny about money)

When To Walk Away From A Bad Mortgage To me, a big part of the decision to walk away comes from personal ethics. I think there are several ethical cases involved here. Do you have an obligation to live up to your agreements? Do you have that same obligation if the agreement was made in bad faith? (@ get rich slowly)

Why Young Entrepreneurs Should Hold Down a Job After College I think it’s a good idea for everyone to hold down some sort of manual labor job for a period in their life. Mine came in the late 1990s, where I remember long nights shoveling dirt (yes, I shoveled dirt in the middle of the night, under lights). (@ frugal dad)

Jewelry Displays (recycled Ikea mirrors) I love the IkeaHackers website, where they take items from Ikea and find alternative uses for it. I’d probably link to it a lot more if there was an Ikea within three hours of me. Still, this is one of my favorite hacks in a long time. (@ ikea hackers)

I’m Not Setting Goals for 2011. Here’s Why: I actually think this is more of an “anti-goal,” so to speak. (@ )

How to Get What You Really Want Figure out what you want. Ignore the naysayers. Start immediately taking steps towards what you want. Review your steps very regularly. That’s pretty much it. (@ chris guillebeau)

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