The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Connection Edition

One of the most fascinating aspects of the internet (for me) is how it allows people with similar perspectives and ideas to eventually find each other and congregate to share ideas, thoughts, concerns, and worries.

Take The Simple Dollar, for example. It seems to have become something of a “home” for people who are discovering (or rediscovering) the need for and the methods for managing their money. Often (and this is based on the emails I’ve received), The Simple Dollar (and the comments section) gives them the opportunity to speak out about this experience for the first time – and to find others that are going through the same thing.

I am incredibly glad that I’ve been able to find such a group of people. Many of you are going through the same things that I am, with some variations. Perhaps you’re at an earlier stage of digging out of debt – or maybe you’re already in good financial shape and are just looking for further tips. Perhaps you’re super frugal and find washing Ziploc bags to be a good tactic – or maybe you’re just happy with the money you save writing a grocery list.

What we all have in common is that we all recognize that financial recovery can be a struggle, we all like to share ideas about it, and, perhaps most of all, we don’t have many outlets for this interest in our day to day lives. Perhaps we’re the only person in our social circle with a frugal streak, or maybe it’s that we came from a family where money is not a topic that’s spoken about. In either case, we can find a place to connect with others who feel like we do: the frugal people.

Not the Sort of Person Who… Philip actually provides an interesting counterpoint to what I wrote above. (@ wisebread)

Eleven (Nearly) Effortless Ways to Save Money Each Month I love tips like these – minimal work up front, but a long tail of financial benefit. (@ frugal dad)

Obama’s 401(k) Plan Is a Double-Edged Sword I didn’t really want to comment on this plan until I heard more specifics, but several readers have asked about it. I feel roughly the same way as this article writer does. (@ moolanomy)

My Family Financial History (As Told by My Mother) People don’t acquire their behavior without effort or input along the way. I’ve often written about how my parents (and grandparents) have influenced my personal finance worldview, and here’s another angle on that whole idea. (@ get rich slowly)

Ink Recycling Programs Change, But You Can Still Benefit I’ve been recycling ink cartridges for years in various fashions. The only “problem” I ever had was when I attempted to refill a cartridge myself, which was disastrous. Anyway, this article has some good tips on how to recycle cartridges and save money. (@ smart spending)

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