The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Cookbook Edition

The internet provides an absolute mountain of recipes for people who want to find them. There’s a recipe out there for almost anything you want to cook.

So why do I still love cookbooks?

Honestly, I haven’t found a better system for browsing cohesive organized recipe collections. I can get close to that experience by browsing the archives of a specific food blog, but even then, it’s harder to browse. I can annotate recipes, bookmark them, see techniques (in good cookbooks, anyway), and also be inspired to try something new.

I’m almost always thrilled to find an interesting cookbook at a used bookstore or to receive one as a gift, even with the millions of recipes one can find online. They just inspire me to try cooking things at home.

Willpower and Game Theory Their argument essentially boils down to that the reason we make choices that are great in the short term and really bad in the long term is because we put incorrect weights on short term and long term benefits. They use the example of eating donuts (short term) versus health benefits (long term). (@ psychology today)

Most Presentations Aren’t Bullet Proof Try giving a presentation without bullet points. It’s actually really hard to do, but it almost always results in a better presentation. Bullet points are like training wheels. (@ seth godin)

How to Focus a Wandering Mind Almost all of my stupid shopping decisions happen when my mind is wandering. The better my control is over that wandering, the better moves I make. (@ greater good @ berkeley)

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Your Mechanic Different mechanics have different motivations. You want a mechanic that is motivated by repeat business. (@ daily fuel economy tip)

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