The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Crunch Edition

As I enter the final home stretch for my job, I’m incredibly busy preparing stuff for my replacement and getting all sorts of things finished up and tidy. The first half of March is going to be long … very long. Luckily, I still had time to dig up a few posts of interest for all of you.

Going into Business? Keep your Personal Finances Safe I keep my business income in separate accounts from my personal money, making all business purchases out of those accounts as well. (@ get rich slowly)

Making Do With Help From Mom and Dad Parents can help significantly early on. Should they? (@ wisebread)

My Financial Epiphany – The Storm of My Life I really am inspired by tales of financial meltdown followed by insight and recovery. (@ gather little by little)

I’m an Idiot: 2007 Tax Edition A nice cautionary tale about why it’s important to use a careful eye when filing your taxes. (@ clever dude)

My Top Five New Parent Money-Wasters: A True Confession New parents are a marketer’s wet dream – emotionally vulnerable and looking for every way possible to make things “perfect” for the baby. (@ queercents)

Who’s To Blame For The Subprime Mortgage Mess I agree strongly with the conclusion here. (@ the digerati life)

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