The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: David Cameron Edition

I tend to follow the politics of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Great Britain very closely (I’m kind of a political junkie).

So, in that spirit, I truly wish David Cameron the best of luck as the new prime minister of Great Britain. The people have spoken and it was time for Labour to go. I might not necessarily agree with everything that is on his agenda, but I sincerely hope that he has success.

I’m of the belief that, regardless of my own political stances, it’s in the best interest of a nation to support the leadership that the nation has elected. The time to make a change is the next campaign season, not by sandbagging during the time when leadership and legislation needs to happen. When the people speak and elect someone, he or she has a mandate to lead and get their initiatives passed.

I do sincerely hope, however, that his government (with a healthy number of Liberal Democrats in there) turns into a bit of a “team of rivals,” helping Great Britain as a whole.

Good luck, David.

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