The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Doctor Who Edition

The only television programming I have watched in the last three weeks is Doctor Who. I’m not sure what exactly that says about me.

Anyway, here are a few articles of interest, starting with a few freelance pieces by me that have appeared at

Askers, Guessers, and the Art of Negotiation This is a further discussion of an issue I’ve talked about on The Simple Dollar before. People negotiate with each other in very different ways, and being aware of those differences can make all the difference. (@ open forum)

Does Your Community Know You? One of my favorite small businesses is going out of business! Why? They made one simple mistake – but it was a pretty big one. (@ open forum)

The Hard Choices Sometimes, we’re stuck in a corner and can’t find an easy way out of it. Which of several bad choices do we make? (@ open forum)

A Minimalist’s Guide to eBay: The Least You Need to Know to Get Started Good information here. I have sold quite a few things on eBay over the years, mostly liquidating things I no longer wanted. (@ zen habits)

Do you know your ABC’s? How to Control Negative Self-Talk It is very hard to overcome beating yourself up internally. I still struggle with it all the time. (@ pick the brain)

The “lost decade” you should really be afraid of Shocker: it’s the past decade, because real wages have actually dropped 5% since the end of the Clinton years. (@ pop economics)

Inflation and Your Mortgage With interest rates as low as they are, it’s conceivable that inflation could actually exceed the interest rate of your mortgage in future years. That creates some weird projections for real dollars spent on your mortgage over the next decade or two. (@ all financial matters)

Improved Probabilistic Inference as a General Learning Mechanism with Action Video Games A new paper in Current Biology backs up something I’ve believed to be true for years – video games help with improving one’s decision-making and information processing abilities. Yes, they make you smarter. (@ cell via the 99 percent)

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