The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Dominion Edition

For Father’s Day, my children gave me a copy of the game Dominion, and it would be an understatement to say that it’s a big hit around here. It’s actually a card game that two, three, or four people can play and you can get a game in in about half an hour, but it’s the creative thinking that really makes it stand out.

My wife and I have played it quite a bit on random, and we played it over and over again on our game night. In fact, I’m not ashamed to admit, my wife is quite good at the game and she figured out the first “killer strategy” (if you have the game, that strategy was taking tons of Villages as fast as possible) and then has figured out how to stay ahead of everyone else figuring out how to thump that strategy (our first counter-strategy was lots of Militias, and the response to that was lots of Moats).

It’s a blast – if you like games like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride, it’s well worth trying.

Anyway, here are some great personal finance articles from the past week.

Inside the ‘Circle of Competence’: Buy What You Know Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham, and Warren Buffett all subscribe to one basic idea: buy what you know. These individuals surrounded themselves with competent information and competent people and if they didn’t know an investment top to bottom, they didn’t invest. Seemed to work for them… (@ newsweek via seth’s blog)

The Benefits of a Gap Year A “gap year” – or a year of following other activities and interests between high school and college – is something I really believe in, and this article sets the case strongly for it. I think a year or two of real-world experience makes college much more worthwhile for many students. (@ art of manliness)

Your Locus of Control Who’s in control in your life? Are you? Or do you jump to attention when someone else hollers? Hint: it’s a lot easier to find personal finance success if you have an internal locus of control. (@ productivity 501)

7 Reasons to Stop Tracking Your Finances I don’t track my finances with the detail and fervor that I once did. I find that it’s useful for teaching good habits, but after a while, those good habits are so ingrained that you don’t need the teacher as much any more. (@ saving for serenity)

Be Prepared This is a heart-wrenching story and one that really outlines the need to get your estate planning in order sooner rather than later. (@ gather little by little)

‘Certified Organic’ May Not Be 100% No certification program is perfect, but the “certified organic” label may be further than most. I’m tending more and more towards buying local than just trusting the “organic” label for quality foods. Vive la Picket Fence Creamery! (@ sfgate via bitten)

Ten Things You Should Do When You Get Laid Off This is an excellent checklist to follow if you’ve recently lost your job. (@ consumerism commentary)

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