Updated on 01.10.12

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Election Returns Edition

Trent Hamm

Whenever there’s a significant vote or election, I find myself tuning into the results the evening after the vote. I’ll visit tons of websites, looking for the latest results and different perspectives on what they mean.

The funny thing is that it’s usually impossible to really say what the impact of a vote really is until a long while after the vote.

So, why do I tune in? I guess I just like politics from a “fan’s” perspective. It often seems to me like a complicated high-stakes game.

What If I Lost My Career? Envision, then Act This is spectacular advice for people facing a rocky path in their career. At some point, you have to consider restarting your career, and this is really good food for thought if you’re in that situation. (@ free money finance)

Career Fairs, Part One and Part Two Career fairs can be completely useless or incredibly valuable for a potential job seeker. It all depends on the preparation you put into it and how seriously you approach it. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t approach career fairs with enough seriousness when in college. (@ penny pinching professional)

Unfinished Business I think that anyone who has a successful career or is running a successful small business is going to eventually face the “black hole inbox” where there’s simply more stuff there to do than there’s time and energy to do it. If you’re doing something of value, people are going to want your attention and effort. I think this is some great advice on dealing with it. (@ unclutterer)

“How Can I Stop Being Overwhelmed by Big Projects?” My solution is to not take on too many of them and focus as intensely as I can at the next step in the project. (@ happiness project)

Clearing Your Life for a New Year This is a good process to do regularly, not just when a new year occurs. (@ zen habits)

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  1. Michael says:

    It’s a constant struggle for me to focus on one project long enough, but it’s worth it. It was difficult to start working that way, though, because I had too many fires to put out so constant attention was required on every project.

  2. Steven says:

    I think it’s kind of funny that an email inbox is seen as one of the biggest problems we face. It’s laughable. Surely we have more to concern ourselves with.

  3. Kate says:

    I have to say that I hate politics from a fan’s perspective–to me, that is hugely what is wrong with our political environment today. Setting up something as important as who will lead our country or vote in our best interest as a “sporting” event or a “survivor” event makes people look at the short term instead of the long term. I absolutely despise watching lead-ins for debates, election coverage, etc. because of that.

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