The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Experiments in Podcasting Edition

So, I’ve recorded six test episodes of my podcast over the last few weeks as I try to figure out my “voice” and how exactly I want the podcast to go. I recorded one, sent it to a small handful of readers, got some feedback, and moved on.

The first four or so were awful and left me doubting whether I even wanted to do this. By awful, I don’t mean that the recording or material was bad – I mean that they were really boring. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t listen to them.

With the last two, though, I think I’m starting to really hit my stride. I moved it in a very conversational direction and suddenly, somehow, it’s clicking well. It’s almost turning into an audio version of the reader mailbags, to be honest, with a lot of anecdotes mixed in.

Don’t worry, it’s coming. This is called a “teaser.”

Beware of Pretty Things: 4 Reasons I’m Keeping My Ugly, Old Stuff This is passive frugality at its best. Hold on to your old stuff and you might just find that it’s better than you think. (@ wisebread)

Your Recession Budget What was interesting about this article was the list of what people are dumping from their budget. I find it amazing that the most common thing people were dumping was GameFly (basically, Netflix for video games). (@ consumerism commentary)

The Cost of Watching Television As I’ve said before, if our cable service wasn’t basically a nearly-free add-on to our internet bill, we probably wouldn’t have it at all and just enjoy and what we can get over the air. It really is expensive. (@ frugal dad)

Accused of Being a Spendthrift This is a great response to my article on being accused of being a cheapskate. (@ make love, not debt)

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