The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Faith and Personal Finance Edition

Due to an upcoming presentation I’m making, I’ve been looking deeply at the intersection of faith and personal finance. Can people use their personal religious convictions as a driver to improve their money matters?

I think it depends heavily on the person, but I also think the pieces are in place in many different religious traditions to use their teaching to fuel yourself to personal improvements.

Here are some articles I’ve found during this investigation that you might find interesting.

Why Religion Is an Important Part of Personal Finance This article does a great job of pulling out specific verses that push people toward strong personal finance behavior. (@ get rich slowly)

Changing the Discourse on Islamic Personal Finance You can’t manage your money well if you don’t have a strong family and personal foundation upon which to rest. (@ muslim matters)

What Buddhism Teaches Us about Personal Finance It teaches a lot of things, quite honestly, but these four lessons are right near the top. (@ rich dad wisdom)

Kindfully + Mindfully This quote from the Dalai Lama is fantastic: “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” (@ zen habits)

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