The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Fantasy Baseball League Payoff Edition

I entered a fantasy baseball league this spring with the owners of several other personal finance blogs. While I did well (my pitching staff had almost 100 combined wins. led by Ryan Dempster, Johan Santana, Carlos Zambrano, Ben Sheets, Adam Wainwright, Jake Peavy, and John Maine – yep, I had ’em all, and all won at least 10 games), my hitting was atrocious and I came in in the middle of the pack.

Anyway, as a “friendly wager,” we all agreed to highlight some of the best posts of the blog of whoever the winner was. Since we all like each other’s blogs, we thought it’d be a great way to reward the winner and show off some of that blog’s best work.

The blog that won was Lazy Man and Money, and per the wager, here are five great articles from his blog, followed by a few more interesting articles from other blogs I found in the last week.

35 Ways to Save on Gas I tend to think the best approach is to get a fuel efficient car right off the bat. When I bought my truck, for example, gas was barely over $1 a gallon, so I didn’t worry about that as much as I should have. How I wish I had those days back.

Seven Things You Must Do to Prepare for an Emergency One big thing he doesn’t note – have several gallons of drinkable water on hand. If things go completely disastrous, that can be vital.

Cutting the Cable TV He makes a pretty good argument here for dropping his cable bill, even though he watches a lot of television. Sounds solid to me.

15 Products That Save Time, Money, and Space I wholeheartedly disagree with the Roomba, though most of the rest of the list makes sense. We’ve had nothing but wars with ours, and it’s not been worth the time invested making it work. The only positive I can say is that when it’s working, our kids will sit on chairs on the edge of the room and watch it go around and around for quite a while.

MonaVie Scam? This is why I tend to avoid anything that has even a whiff of MLM associated with it. I’ve seen way too many of these scams floating around.

And here are three interesting articles from other sites.

Six Times It’s Easy to Ask for a Discount He’s talking about retail stores here, not yard sales or pawn shops where you’re practically expected to bargain at least a little. A friend of mine has told me many times that the best time to shop for a car is the week before Christmas, for example. (@ free money finance)

Finding a Work-at-Home Job As long as you understand the constraints of most work-at-home jobs, this is some really solid advice. (@ money saving mom)

Drama in Real Life: Foreclosure! I like stories like this – they illustrate personal finance very well. (@ get rich slowly)

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