The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Fiction Edition

I’ve been struggling for several months with a novel I’ve been working on. It’s been hard to make any progress, mostly because I was having a very hard time with the motivation of one of the primary characters.

Suddenly, on Saturday, it all clicked. I had a giant breakthrough.

Now, I almost can’t stop working on the novel. The words are flowing rapidly.

Find Your One Inch This is a very good way of looking at the challenge of starting your personal financial recovery. It’s also a pretty good idea for writers, too. (@ daily money shot)

20 Delay Gratification Techniques to Avoid Possible Debt Delaying gratification for a while is perhaps the surest way to put money back into your pocket. Our lives are full of opportunities for a bit of delayed gratification, such as waiting another night to go out to eat or not kicking on the air conditioning on the first hot day. (@ one cent at a time)

Why Do We Enable People to Spend Money While Shopping? I think, for many people, it’s a matter of living vicariously through someone else. It’s no different than two kids on a playground holding a toad, where one kid is encouraging the other to kiss the toad. (@ from shopping to saving)

Decide How You’ll Make More Money The solution to many personal finance problems is simply devoting yourself to earning more money, whether in the short term or the long term. If you raise your income level, you also drastically raise your ability to repay debts. (@ women’s money week)

Seize the Summer Summer is the best time of the year to get outside and enjoy the inexpensive and free things to do out there. (@ get rich slowly)

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