The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Fishing Edition

This past weekend, my five year old son caught six fish. He hauled in more fish than his age.

The fish were small ones and we tossed them back into the water, but the sheer joy he had in catching them, the pride he took in his catch, and the seriousness he applied to things like unhooking the fish and returning them to the water were beautiful to watch.

He’s growing up.

How to Write Your Congressman This is the single most useful political action you can take as an individual. You’d be surprised how well it actually works, particularly when you’re addressing an issue that isn’t extremely “hot button” and you’re rational and calm with your reasoning. (@ art of manliness)

Big House, Little House It’s never a bad idea to look at the size of your home critically. Do you really need a home of that size? Will something smaller suffice? Our home is about the right size in terms of square footage, but I would someday like another bedroom. (@ get rich slowly)

Living with Chaos This is an interesting take on planning. However, if you truly take each day without planning, you’ll have no retirement savings and no backup when things don’t go well. And they inevitably won’t go well at some point. (@ zen habits)

Everyone Wants Better. No One Wants Change. “Better” means the same things you already have with a slight improvement in quality. Change means something different. Better is safe. Change is scary. (@ jonathan fields)

Correspondence from the Home Office When I worked outside the home, most of my “leaks” were money related. I always found ways to spend money poorly. At home, my “leaks” are all time related. I always find ways to spend time poorly at home. (@ debt reduction 101)

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