The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Flood Waters Edition

My home town just survived what could have been a potentially devastating river flood.

I simply want to say that I’m genuinely impressed with the advancements in flood prevention technology over the last twenty years. Towns are now able to hold back flood waters with surprisingly little effort compared to the floods of 1993. Much of the responsibility for those advancements comes from the Army Corps of Engineers, and my hat is off to them.

Alternative Ways to Calculate Your Net Worth I’ve always stuck with “value of all non-mortgaged assets minus value of all debts” myself, but there are a lot of good ideas in this article. I think the “cash flow valuation” is a very good approach. (@ squirrelers)

There Are Always Savings Opportunities No matter how tight your financial life might seem, there are always opportunities for saving money. Keep your chin up and your eye on the ball. (@ money beagle)

Turn Your Spring Cleaning Into Extra Cash Cleaning out your closets in the spring and offloading all of that stuff that you never use can put some cash in your hand – and that cash can really help in terms of stabilizing your financial situation. (@ my dollar plan)

Love and Money – An Internal Debate Should you take over your spouse’s debt? I think that your spouse’s debt affects you one way or another, so the faster you get that debt paid off, the better off you’ll both be. (@ debt roundup)

Frequency, repetition, and the power of saying it more than once If an idea is truly powerful and useful and if there are people out there who haven’t heard it, then an idea is well worth repeating. It’s even worth repeating to the same people so that they can embed the idea in their head. Why do you think people remember so many corporate logos? Repetition and frequency. (@ seth’s blog)

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