The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Flying Costs Come Home to Roost Edition

For quite a while, my wife and children and I have been planning a trip to Seattle this summer. We have family there and were planning on getting a hotel room, visiting lots of people, and taking our two year old up on Mount Rainier and out to the ocean. We’ve been trying to schedule a weekend for the trip that works for everyone involved, and just a few days ago, we figured out what would work.

I log onto a few travel websites, start looking for flight prices… and almost choked. $1,600 just to fly out there? The era of flying relatively cheaply is over, it seems.

Instead, after figuring up gas mileage costs for everyone, we’re actually planning on visiting Colorado and/or southern Montana on a car trip this summer. We’re going to stay in the cabin of an acquaintance for a few days (I believe) somewhere in Colorado and perhaps camp a few places as well. Much, much cheaper, since our car is actually very good for gas mileage.

For the first time, our life choices are being directly affected by high oil prices. Before this, we felt the pinch but hadn’t made changes in our plans because of it. The reality is hitting close to home, I guess.

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