The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Four Wheel Drive Edition

During the winter, when it’s snowy, having a vehicle that gets around well on ice and snow is incredibly reassuring.

Yesterday, our four wheel drive vehicle ascended a rather steep and ice-covered hill without skipping a beat. A few hours later, a car got stuck ascending it and had to give up. Another one made it a bit further up the hill and had to be pushed the rest of the way with the aid of some ashes under the tires.

On an icy day when you have to be somewhere, every help you can get makes a big difference. I’ve never appreciated a vehicle that can get you around in the winter much like I’ve appreciated ours in the last few days.

Toilets Are Supposed to Flush. That’s Pretty Much It. When we categorize “needs” and “wants,” it is really easy to put strong wants in the needs column. We delude ourselves into thinking something we really want is actually a need. This article highlights that problem quite well. (@ step away from the mall)

Being Rich or Poor Is a Choice No, it’s not. You can make choices in your life to increase your chances of accumulating wealth, but contracting a dehabilitating disease or having an unstable person destroy your career or countless other things can blow up your dreams. Good financial and career choices are all about increasing your odds for success, not guaranteeing it. (There’s a post in here somewhere. I can feel it.) (@ krant cents)

The Lessons I Learned Paying Off $35,000 in Credit Card Debt This Year For me, the biggest key was to not be afraid of lifestyle changes. If you’re unwilling to make changes in your life, you’re never going to see different results. (@ debt blag)

Am I Supposed to Like This? We’re often swayed by external factors when we decide whether we like something or whether we want something. Our enjoyment of films or of books or of meals is often swayed by the company and the reviews, not necessarily the content. (@ seth’s blog)

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