The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Free Teleclass Edition

I’m hosting a free teleclass with Vicki Robin (author of Your Money or Your Life) this evening starting at 5 PM Pacific / 6 PM Mountain / 7 PM Central / 8 PM Pacific and running for roughly 90 minutes.. During it, I’m going to give a short presentation (mostly geared toward people who have never read The Simple Dollar), followed by a long question and answer session.

If you’d like to participate, here’s the URL for signing up. You’ll be able to dial in with any phone when it begins.

Keeping Yourself Motivated Motivation can often be a key challenge for success in anything you want to try in life. For me, I find that lots of small victories and successes as I move forward help a lot. And I do mean small – I felt a huge success recently with my piano practice when I was able to play “The First Noel” three times in a row and do a right hand thumb tuck correctly. (@ freelance switch)

How Much Stuff Does One Man Need? Our problem isn’t my stuff, it’s the kids’ stuff. Thanks to the fact that they’re the first grandchild/niece/nephew for a lot of their relatives, they’ve got a small mountain of things. We slowly make stuff “disappear” from this mountain (the things they don’t play with) and take it to Goodwill, but it’s still too much. (@ get rich slowly)

The Eight Year Escape Plan This is an interesting interview with a person who worked at a full-time job for eight years, but spent her spare time building a side business that eventually became her full time work. (@ the art of nonconformity)

Do You Track Your Achievements? Over the past few years, I’ve basically stumbled onto this exact routine. It’s really a great way to keep track of all of the stuff you’ve accomplished, and looking back on it really helps you to feel like you’re a very productive person, particularly at the times when you’re not so productive. (@ dumb little man)

The New ABCs of Success: Always Be Creating Creating new things is really the foundation of modern success. More and more, creative thought is an essential piece of successful work. (@ pick the brain)

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