The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Freedom Edition

A few days ago, a technical problem with The Simple Dollar cropped up involving the front page not refreshing for some users of the site. A reader emailed me about it.

A few months ago, I would have then spent several hours reading documentation and trying to figure out what was wrong. There would have been a decent chance that I would have broken the site in the process. I would have been stressed out, lost the chance to write multiple posts, and walked away wishing I could be doing something else with my time.

Now? I shot an email to my technical contact at Cut Media. They did some stuff. It seems to have been fixed. It took me about two minutes, without stress about breaking the site or anything else.

This is why I made the choice that I did to join forces with Cut Media. They’re good at handling the things that I’m bad at and don’t enjoy. I might not have the financial options I had before, but I have a lot more freedom and a lot less stress.

Terry Gilliam on Ideas, Unlearning, and Avoiding Debt Terry Gilliam is a former member of the Monty Python comedy troupe (he usually did the animation work) and moved on to directing films. I really enjoyed this interview from him about finances and creative careers. (@ the 99 percent)

I’m Investing 100% of my 2012 Income One member of this couple is investing her entire 2012 salary into building a small business with multiple employees. That’s a pretty strong move. (@ afford anything)

College Kids Need Skills, Not Good Grades The problem, of course, is finding ways to evaluate skill sets. Theoretically, that’s what classes are supposed to do, but my experience has been that many of the “A” students in classes aren’t the ones I would want as employees. (@ thousandaire)

The chance of a lifetime The current economic conditions aren’t bad. They’re the chance of a lifetime. (@ seth godin)

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