The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Frugal Vacation Planning Edition

In anticipation of our travel later this summer, I’ve been reading a lot of articles on frugal vacation planning. I thought, for this week’s roundup, I’d share some of these with you.

(For those unaware, Sarah and I are planning a tenth anniversary trip to Boston and rural New England later this summer without the children. The children will be staying with their grandparents.)

How to Have a Frugal Vacation and Still Treat Yourself This is a great collection of frugal travel tips. My favorite? Picking up pre-made sandwiches for your backpack and have a picnic when you’re out and about. I usually try to only eat at a restaurant for one meal a day when I’m traveling. (@ wisebread)

A $100 Weekend in Boston In fact, the entire Frugal Traveler blog is pretty fantastic from top to bottom. (@ frugal traveler)

Frugal Vacation Tips This is another impressively long collection of frugal vacation tips. Sarah plans on packing her own coffee when we go. (@ the frugal life)

Re-Book Your Hotel to Save Money This is actually a really good idea. I kept watching hotel prices in the Boston area and rebooked our hotel twice, cutting almost $100 off of our total cost just because I kept watching websites. (@ forbes)

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