The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Funeral Edition

Early this week, I learned that my uncle had passed away suddenly. His only living relatives were his son, who he was estranged from and hadn’t seen for a long time, and my mother.

Whenever someone who’s been in your life since you were born passes away, particularly in such a sudden fashion, you’re left with a lot of questions about life. Did I really ever say the things I wanted to say or do the things I wanted to do?

I know I’ve spent this week in a fairly distracted state as I prepare for the funeral on Friday.

How Do You Go Back to Work When Being Self-Employed Flops? I think the key would be to highlight what you did while self-employed as job experience while also deeply understanding the reasons why you’d return to the workplace. For me, I’ll be the first to admit that the idea has crossed my mind, mostly because I miss coworkers. I’m a naturally social beast, and working alone every day is pretty challenging for me. (@ the financial blogger)

Will the Supreme Court Take Away the Right to Sell Your Stuff? I found this story very interesting. I have purchased and imported things in the past, only to sell them later, and this decision would have made that illegal. (@ money wise pastor)

Why I Gave Up a $198,000 Check and I’m Much Happier Without It Money isn’t everything. You always have to give something up for it, and it takes courage to realize that what you’re giving up is worth more than the check. (@ good financial cents)

Redefining Productivity The decision about what to do next is actually more important than actually doing it. That’s a brilliant statement of how to be productive in the modern world. (@ seth’s blog)

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