The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Future Plans Edition

This past week, I spent several hours putting together a detailed plan for some interesting things for The Simple Dollar through the end of 2012.

Instead of focusing strictly on the writing (as I often spend my time doing), I stepped back and tried to look at the bigger picture. What do I have already available to me that would be of value to my readers? What can I do to ensure long-term income from everything I’ve done with The Simple Dollar?

I think I’ve come up with some interesting answers and I hope to put a lot of them in place over the next year. Wait and see.

Long term planning can really be exciting.

Stop Crying That There Are No Jobs. Create One. In other words, what are you doing right now to build yourself a job? Stop looking at employers to solve all of your problems for you. Instead, dust off whatever entrepreneurial drive you have and start creating something for yourself. (@ afford anything)

Getting an additional job to pay off debt is actually worth more than the salary‚Ķ A part-time job that has the entire paycheck go toward debt earns a lot more than the $8 per hour it seems to earn. It’s also earning the interest rate on your debt by paying it off early. If you’re earning $8 an hour in your spare time and that money enables you to get rid of a 20% debt three years early, each hour you work is actually earning you $13.82. (@ grumpy rumblings of the untenured)

The New American Family: Flexibility and Unconventional Lifestyles to Make Ends Meet If it was not for my flexible schedule, our family life would be tremendously difficult. I can’t even guess how many times I would have had to let our kids down or let my wife down over the past few years. (@ free from broke)

Is Lifestyle Inflation Unavoidable? If you’re not thinking critically about your life choices, I think lifestyle inflation is unavoidable. The key to success is to constantly think critically about your life. (@ retire by 40)

Simple strategies for changing a bad habit This is just a good set of ideas if you’re struggling with altering some portion of your behavior. (@ unclutterer)

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