The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Garage Cleanup Edition

Over the past few weeks, my wife and I have been doing a great deal of spring cleaning around our home: cleaning out my office, cleaning out some closets, and so on.

The biggest project, though, was our garage. I spent an entire day getting it into some sort of sensible order. As I moved forward, though, I couldn’t help but enjoy the sense of a job well done.

Why Goal Setting Is A Complete Waste Of Time (unless you do this) The argument here is that the traditional idea of a goal is littered with a lot of negative weight. I agree, but I think a big part of that negative weight comes from biting off more than the person can chew. (@ pick the brain)

Never Go to Bed Angry About Money I’d suggest going even further: never go to bed angry about anything. (@ dinks finance)

When an Adjustable Rate Mortgage Makes Sense This is a good argument, but I still believe that almost all of these factors involve predicting the future. I do not like to base my personal finances on predicting what I’ll be doing in five years – or what the economy will be doing. (@ my dollar plan)

The future of the library I would love a library like this. I would financially support a library like this. (@ seth godin)

12 Cases When a Pay Cut Might Make Sense Getting a higher-paying job often has other costs (doing work you don’t love, having all of your free time devoured, etc.). (@ pf advice)

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