The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Gifted Children Edition

Recently, I’ve been puzzling over how exactly to feel about the progression of a child I met several years ago. When this boy was about ten, he gave one of the greatest presentations I’ve ever seen in a science fair environment. He had the most complex project there and knew it from top to bottom, answering every question that any judge could throw at him in a clear and concise manner. He was also one of the most popular kids there, running around and talking to most of the other children.

Needless to say, I was impressed, and I’ve occasionally Googled him just to keep tabs on how he’s doing. A few days ago, I found his MySpace page. Most of it was filled with a mix of corporate logos and some bragging about his physique and about skipping classes. I was stunned – I wouldn’t have believed it was the same kid if it weren’t for the pictures.

So I contacted a few people just to see what was up. It turns out that about a year after the science fair, his parents (who were extremely involved, wonderful people) had a very, very messy divorce, and after the divorce, neither parent was really capable of giving the child the same kind of attention and focus he received before. So he just drifted and now he’s a C and D student who is a regular in detention.

It’s troubled me a lot. Here was a kid with all of the intellectual and social opportunity in the world, and just at the point where he needed guidance the most, it all fell apart for him.

I didn’t have enough of a connection with this child to serve as a mentor myself, or else that’s what I would do. Instead, it just weighs heavy on my heart. I think I’ll be remembering him for a while, particularly as my own children begin to grow up.

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